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Purpose in Practice; Delight in diligence

Student A: "Hey. Crassus. Did you do the homework, holmes?"

Student B: "Sshh. Augy is telling that story of the peaches again."

Student A: "Peaches? I thought it was pears."

Student B: "It's peaches, bruh."

Teacher: "Gentlemen, is my story of my awakening to righteousness boring you?"


I'm thankful for this scene. Consider Gozzoli's portrayal of Augustine teaching in Rome. I am ignorant of Gozzoli, but I'm very grateful that he was able to capture countenances of students that still seem to be appear in our classes.

But it's fitting that we remember St. Augustine of Hippo. Wednesday was his feast day. It's difficult to estimate the importance, influence, and impact that Augustine has had on the world. He has not only shaped the Western Imagination but also Western civilization. Father Patrick Henry Reardon says that three works gave us Christian civilization: the Vulgate, Confessions, and the Rule of St. Benedict. Without these we would not have Europe. We cannot say enough about Augustine. Perhaps we sum it up in the statement that he still affect our lives, for without him and his works we may not have C. S. Lewis.

GOZZOLI. St Augustine Teaching in Rome (detail) 1464-65 Fresco Apsidal chapel, Sant'Agostino, San Gimignano

Here's the agenda for today.

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