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The Battle of Marathon

Updated: Jun 1

Today we are continuing our study of the Battle of Marathon. Next week we read about and study the battle of Thermopylae. The story is told in Herodotus, but it does not stay there. These stories have held an iconic significance in the minds of many and has stood as one of the defining symbols of what the West (Greeks) means and how it differs from the East (Persians).

Agenda for this week:

  1. Prayer

  2. Bible

  3. Work on Hebrews 2

  4. History:

  5. Watch the History Channel video of the Battle of Marathon

  6. Literature:

  7. Begin Book XVIII of The Odyssey.

  8. Receive the Great Ideas Reading Guide for this week

  9. Collect the Final version of the Confirmation/Refutation


  1. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Pray, that you may not stumble.

  2. Complete your Great Ideas Reading Guide for this week

  3. 5 Commonplaces and 1 memorized for Friday.

  4. Remember to bring your Class Catechism


DAVID, Jacques-Louis Leonidas at Thermopylae 1814 Oil on canvas, Musée du Louvre, Paris

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