• Devin O'Donnell

The Significance of Christus Victor

Growing up in the church, one can become rather complacent with the significance of Easter, as if rising from the dead were so jejune that such things happen all the time. In an essay I wrote for the CiRCE Institute in May of last year I attempted to reframe the Resurrection in light of the classical pagan understanding of death. Such an understanding matters for those of us living on this side of Christ's victory over death. The essay is titled, "On (Not) Growing Weary of Easter."

Agenda for this week:

  1. Prayer

  2. Upcoming things:

  3. Dig Deep Discussion

  4. 3 Reflections for this week

  5. A note on Reflections...


  7. Book VIII

  8. Read Herodotus

  9. Answer the next questions in your reading.


  1. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Pray, that you may not stumble.

  2. Do 3 reflections in your journal by Friday.

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