• Devin O'Donnell

Wait...where are you guys going?

A fitting question as we begin another year. Hopefully our faculty training helped for that this year, but it's so easy to lose sight amid the turbulence of inertia and beginning on a new year. It's not unlike a journey or a voyage, and it's challenging to remind our students not simply of the destination but of those things that they should've learned, whether that's in proper etiquette of the bathroom to how the comma works to what is the product 7 and 9. In this way, Plato's depiction of education as "anamnesis" fits the experience of beginning a new school year. For Plato, "anamnesis" was a coming out of "the cave" of ignorance and re-remembering of what was forgotten when the pre-existent soul entered the prison house of its material body. For us, it's leading our kids out of the cave of summer, where everything was forgotten and where they now have to relearn. Lord, help us.

Here's the agenda for today.

Jesus Calls Andrew and Peter. National Art Museum, Washington, D.C.


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