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Non scholae sed vitae discimus

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"Not for school, but for life do we learn." This is always important to remember—nay, it is the sine qua non of education. Here we have the picture of a saint, who took pains to give the Word of God in the common tongue. Let us emulate St. Jerome, as we decode the meaning of own our passages of Holy Writ in this Traditio. After all, it wasn't until later in life that he found just how important his schooling would become, not merely for his own vocation but for the good of the Church and, I daresay, the world.

Agenda for Wednesday & Thursday:

  1. Prayer & Catechism

  2. Read Genesis 28 and 35 silently

  3. Finish Reading Journal (11/3): Babel & Bethel

  4. What does the flood represent as a "sign"?

  5. What kind of story is the Tower of Babel? What happens in the middle?

  6. How is God's call to Abram connected to the story of Babel? How are the promises connected to Babel?

  7. What is circumcision as a "sign"?

  8. Explain the typological connections between the Tower of Babel and Jacob's dream. What does Jacob call the place of his dream, and why does this matter?

  9. Till We Have Faces: pick up in Chapter 17

  10. Dig Deep 2 – read chapter 2 by next week

  11. Choose your Poetry Out Loud selections by end this week

  12. Remember the HW!

Agenda for Friday:

  1. Prayer & Catechism

  2. Commonplace sharing!

  3. Finish Reading Journal (11/3): Babel & Bethel

  4. What happens while Jacob is in Haran working for Laban?

  5. How are the three Patriarchs (Abraham, Jacob, Joseph) related to the three sins at the beginning of the book of Genesis (Adam, Cain, Sons of God)?

  6. What is the grand story that Genesis is telling? Why is it fitting for Joseph's story to be at the end of Genesis?

  7. Till We Have Faces out loud together: pick up in Chapter 17

  8. Dig Deep 2 – read chapters 1-2 by next week

  9. Choose your Poetry Out Loud selections by end this week

  10. Remember the HW!


  1. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect. Pray, that you may not stumble.

  2. Choose your Poetry Out Loud selections by end this week

  3. Dig Deep 2 – have chapters 1-2 read by Monday (11/8)


Consider Jerome's fastidiousness.

CARAVAGGIO. St Jerome. 1606. Oil on canvas. Galleria Borghese, Rome.

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