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Prometheus & Christ

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

So far we've considered the Christic imagery of Prometheus in chains. But the reason why we sympathize with Prometheus is a Christian one. The sacrifice of Christ exposed the "scapegoat" mechanism of the ancient pagan world. In our catechism it states the following answer to the question, "What is sacrifice?"

The ritual that restores atonement theologically and socially. To make atonement for individual or communal sins and to resolve memetic rivalries, a “scapegoat” is sacrificed for the transgression. For the pagan, sacrifice keeps the gods away. For the Christian, sacrifice brings God near.

Christ exposed this trick of man's social and anthropological attempt at bringing atonement.

Agenda for Monday:

  1. Prayer & catechism

  2. Work on Hesiod Family Tree assignments (due tomorrow!)

  3. Discuss the reading: "Introduction to Hermeneutics" by Leithart (packet).

  4. Question to consider: Were the ancient gods real?

Agenda for Tuesday:

  1. Prayer & catechism

  2. Discuss on Hesiod Family Tree assignments (due today!)

  3. Read and discuss "The Birth of Tragedy in Aeschylus' Prometheus Bound ("Chapter 9" of From Achilles to Christ)

Review HW:

  1. Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.

  2. Pray, that you may not stumble.

  3. Bring Till We Have Faces the rest of the week!

  4. Dig Deep Readings (ongoing)


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